True patriot spirit

Born Free, Live free

Trust in god

patriots love these socks!

A Special Thank You to Stew Peters for tell me about the Very Awesome Step On Sock!


I got my socks... and also some for my cousins who really hate these evil, evil, corrupted, and anti-American monsters! Step on snakes!

Kim Fletgth

Keep your feet warm while you squash the evil people of course


💥 🇺🇸 I’m so in love with Step On Socks- who in the world would not absolutely love it? 🤔 a few fascist communists? 😂 Every freedom loving human being will want to sport these! Better than pillow punching therapy, I now step on those that step on our rights and freedoms inspiring every new step I take to stomp out the deep-state! We the people have all the power! Now I’m charging at evil with feet fitted with (extremely comfortable) righteousness! God bless Step On Socks!